Film "LEONIE" on screen from Nov. 20th! 元JOHA会員、松井久子監督の「レオニー」が11月20日より上映!



イサム・ノグチと言うハーフで有名な日本人彫刻家のストリーですが、今回はアイリッシュ系アメリカ人の母親、Leonie Gilmourに焦点を置き、1890年代から1900年代に移り変わる歴史の中でアメリカと日本を舞台にしたシングルマザーの苦難が描かれている。主人公は英国の女優、エミリー・モーテイマー氏が演じ、野口米次郎と言う日本人男性の詩人の役は歌舞伎役者の中村獅童が演じた。詩人と編集者として雇われたレオニーの間に恋愛が芽生え、結婚せずに出来た子供二人、息子と娘を育て上げてゆく勇気を与えてくれる映画です。

正式な試写会が有楽町の朝日ホールで開催された時は皇后陛下もご参加し、熱心にご覧になっていました。その時は英国から女優のEmily Mortimerも参加し、他俳優と一種の記者発表にもなっていました。初上映に駆けつけたのは中村獅童氏、吉川和子様と山名海様でした。


Film director, Hisako Matsui’s film, “LEONIE” was shown at Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku.
This was my 4th time to enjoy the film. Unlike at the previous previews I could
really see certain aspects in the film which I had missed before and was truly moved.
After the showing, 3 of the actor and actresses came to celebrate the first showing and responded to the interview questions, talking about the process of making this film at the locations. I truly recommend for everyone who has the available time to go see this first joint production film between Japan and the USA.

The story is not about the half Japanese-half American blooded famous Japanese sculptor, Isamu Noguchi, but about his Irish American mother, Leonie Gilmour. The film focuses on the hardships of a single mother raising such a child from the 1890’s to 1900’s where the history of America and Japan can be followed. The main character is played by the British actress, Emily Mortimer and the Japanese poet, Yonejiro Noguchi, is played by the Kabuki actor, Shishido Nakamura. The movie gives a lot of courage as it shows how the poet and Leonie who is hired as the editor fall in love and without marrying gave birth to a son and daughter whom she raises singlehandedly.

At the official premier film preview at Asahi Hall in Yurakucho, even the Empress came and watched it attentively. At this event, the British actress, Emily Moritmer, came and with the other actor and actresses this was the official press meeting.  For the first showing of the film publicly, Shishido Nakamura, Kazuko Yoshikawa, and Umi Ymanane came rusing to participate.

Ann Sado